Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goodbye Maxito

After aquiring Maxito this past spring, we decided that he really doesn't fit into our breeding program. He was supose to be sort of a replacement for Remington (who died in transport to our farm). But he's not like Remington, we were were replacing with a different type of alpaca (Max being white and Remington having been rose gray).

This is Maxito when he came to our farm last spring:

Here is Maxito a couple weeks ago:

And here he is the day of the trade, it was raining pretty bad, and there was some snow (and of course, Max was out in the rain where he always seems to go):

The kids started to cry when Maxito left the farm. He's such a sweet boy. But J came back with Apollo Griffon, a light brown (or dark fawn) boy. I didn't get pictures of him yet, as it was really wet when he arrived. I'll get some pictures this week.

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