KY Farm House ~ Improvements As We Go

January 2014

That structural nightmare of a wall has been completely fixed:

There were some serious structural issues that J had to address, along with making the house airtight.

 January 2014/December 2013 ~

Even I can see that these studs are totally wrong!  They don't go from floor to ceiling in a straight shot.  Someone cut notches out of them and/or cut the tops off and added different boards in a not structrually sound way:

A closer look at that door framing - who uses all sorts of different boards in this mismatched way?

Here the former constructor used some plywood in the wood framing! Crazy, careless and dangerous :( 

A temporary wall so that the load baring wall can be re-made:

J made a new doorway from the master bedroom to master bath:

The kitchen where Emma and I tore out the old linoleum (what a pain!):

The living room - less clean now that construction is in full force:

New electrical box, and walls framed for a mudroom (to the right of the front door):

Redone window in the dinning room:

New window for the kitchen:

Emma's room with new walls and the ceiling fixed (there were eaves pointing into this room):

 No eaves inside the house anymore! 

After the tub was taken out of that "bathroom":


This will be 2 bathrooms, one on the lower level, one on the higher level (master is the higher one):

Outside walls and roof are done, but still need house wrap:

Outside walls redone, where the windows were put back in:  (Emma is in the kitchen window, J is working on the window in Emma's bedroom)

From the back of the house, now that the outside walls are done with house wrap:

Zack's spot, at a fishing hole:

A big backyard:


November 2013 ~

Picture from ontop of the biggest hill, looking across the street over other farms:

(our farm house in the bottom right corner)

Looking down the hill towards our farm house (see the camper, the chicken coop and the shed):

The Barn:

Re-doing the sheathing to make the house air tight:

(South side of house)

Back of house:

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