Farm Land - Kentucky

January 2014 

A little dusting of snow:

The back yard / chicken coup:

View from the hill:

Creek along the front of the property:

Zack's fishing hole:

Lots of natural rocks all over the property:

Lots of adventure:

December 2013/January 2014:

The sun is so delightful!!! The kids and I found that the temps feel warmer there due to the sunshine.  40* and we were without a jacket nice and warm.

There is a dry creek on the front of the property coming from the north.  This only has water in it after some rain:

The south side of the land, where the river (always has water) goes along the flat lands (pasture land):

More of the south side with flat lands and the river:

The flat lands (pasture):

On the hill looking to the south side river and flat lands:

We found the pond inbetween the hills:

You can see far when up ontop of the hills:

Sometimes the neighbors cattle roam the land:

November 2013

A tour of the property starting at the south side, where there is a creek:

The land levels off on the back south east corner (perfect for a pasture):

On the far east side there is a stone wall at the edge of the property:

Much of the land is filled with small cedar trees:

There are many hills and some wooded areas:

We wondered what kind of tree this was with all the thorns:

The barn:

an old cattle stock:

The chicken coop:

Inside the chicken coop was made with logs directly from trees:

The back of the house:

Looking south across the front of the house:

Looking north across the front of the house:

August 2013

Barn behind and to the south of the house:

Some cattle roaming the land:

In the backyard there was this "man cave" which could be a nice in ground cellar:

Another picture of the barn in the distance:

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