Sunday, March 2, 2014

Selling Fiber

Our farm shop has a LOT of alpaca fiber for sale - a lot!!  At this point our move date is March 22, and I can't take this fiber with me.

The shop is here: oakhavenalpacas

The 50% off coupon is:  movingtime

This is what I do.  I find the specific fiber the person has purchased.  I pull it out onto the skirting table:

There I shake out dirt and skirt out big debris.  I also take out any yucky fiber (the technical term for chest hair or other coarse fiber).  Notice the dirt under the skirting table and the skirted out fiber:

I put the fiber into bags for shipping:

I weigh it, making sure to put a little extra in there:

Here are bags ready to be put into a shipping package and sent:

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