Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exactly 1 month to Sancha's due date

and that due date is set at 350 days. I've heard farmers who set their due dates at anything from 320 to 250 days. Last year we went with an earlier date and it was so frustrating waiting for the little one (born on day 356). So this year we are setting the due date at 350, but will start watch and be prepared a month ahead. It's a month ahead!

This past weekend J was concerned about how Sancha was acting. We got her into the catch pen and he felt her abdomen. He said he could feel baby parts and there was some movement. I have noticed less movement this time than when she was pregnant with Lightning. I've heard theories that there is more movement with boys. J also pointed out that for the most part, Sancha has alternated between boys and girls (holding that 50/50 % to a tee). Also, it seems like Sancha is carrying this baby further up in her ribs than she did Lightning. So is it a girl? Or all those things just myths? I already put in my guess of a fawn colored boy, but I also thought Shelby would be a black colored boy LOL I was right on with Tehya. J said that Sancha did not seem to be bagged up yet, but her teats are starting to swell and her ligaments are quite loose (I compared them to Kateri's and Sancha is much more loose). We estimated about 2 to 3 weeks (from this past weekend), based on the fact she still needs to bag up and we remember how low and loose she got last year. We'll see how accurate that is when this cria makes it's entrance. The reality of it all is that this baby will come when it's good and ready. I'm ready :) and eager... but that's not what matters.

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