Thursday, July 16, 2009

Young Alpacas

Our 2009 cria, Lily and Po (Pocahontas) have become very good friends. They often graze together, or on cooler evenings they love to pronk around the pasture. This is my favorite thing to witness as they will run full force down the hill and chase each other. Here they are about ready to take a nap. Note Kateri is right by her baby, she is ever the doting mom.

Shelby and Tehya turned a year old last week. They continue to grow and amaze us with their fiber. They are fiber machines! We are amazed at their staple length. I'm excited to see how their fiber spins. Tehya looks more and more like her father, Goldsmith, and Shelby continues to be her cute self with that full facial coverage.

Here's Tehya at a year old:

This is Shelby with her woolly face:

Often times as they age their faces become less covered in fiber. There are mixed feelings on how well people like facial coverage. Some people love the look, some say it indicates density, other feels it makes it difficult for them to see. I do like the look, but in Shelby's case, we have to trim some by her eyes because she does sometimes have a hard time seeing well.

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