Monday, September 7, 2009

Fiber Festival

I had a booth at my first fiber festival this past weekend. On Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I had at table set up by The Old Farm Girl just north of White Cloud.

The down side would be that I did not plan well for the weather. It's been a cool summer, so the fact the weather man predicted a warm sunny day seemed like a good thing to me. I don't have a tent/canopy so rain would have been impossible for me. But, sun is bright and it was hot sitting there, quite hot. I even got a sun burn, which I am so careful not to have happen. The second day I dressed much lighter and thankfully many people from the spinning guild came and they had a canopy to put up. I also had a cooler of drinks, not just 2 with me.

I learned some tips on setting up my display table too. I had raw fleece weighed out in 4 ounce amounts in zip lock bags. I had read about the idea on Alpaca Nation. Well, this works fine in my basment, but in the blazing sun those bags started to steam up. Not good. I had some baskets with me for display purposes, and thankfully had enough baskets for each color of raw fiber I had with me. So I displayed the fiber in the basket and kept the zip lock bags in my car out of the sun. This worked great and actually was easier to display. Then when people bought fleece, I'd grab a bag out of the car for them, and left the displayed fleece in the little basket.

The big seller was Tehya's fiber. The first thing to sell was the home spun ball of Tehya's fiber. It truly is my favorite yarn. A couple people bought Tehya's raw fiber (1.5 pounds of it!). I loved spinning it, and I hope they do too. I also sold 4 ounces of Lightning's fiber. His is so soft, it is extremely nice (though he does tend to have more vegteable matter than Tehya, so more work to get ready to spin).

It was a fun weekend of spinning and gabbing with fellow spinners.

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