Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ram lamb

Last spring 2 lambs were born on our farm, twin males:

I nick named them "Chocolate and Vanilla".

As predicted, the names stuck.

While we had hoped for girls, and worried these males might end up as meat (which is part of this business), we have found them to be growing into impressive males!

We decided to keep Chocolate (we love his color!!).  He will be a ram on our farm.

And Vanilla has sold to a farm who plans to use him as their ram.

Saturday morning we separated Vanilla from the other boys so we could trim his nails and get him ready for his trip to his new farm in northern Michigan.

He looked a little sad:

Once he gets settled into his new farm he will be one happy boy!

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Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

We've just separated our tup (ram)lambs from last year who are staying to service some of the ladies here.

Sadly for them, the other boys will be enjoyed by others for meat. Like you say though that is the business that we are in (not that I can eat lamb!!)

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