Monday, January 6, 2014

Counting faces

Whenever we have bad weather,I always look outside and count faces.  I want to make sure all my animals are accounted for.  Like much of the county we have had a brutal storm.  First snow (we actually did not get that much) and then bitter cold.   So this morning, I looked out to count faces.  They were hidden in their shed, but when I let our house dogs outside, the sheep came out.   I counted faces, 5 ewes, then the 2 boys (rammy and chocolate).

The ewes once I threw some hay on the ground for them:

The boys eating hay in their shelter:

Temps are dropping today, when I headed outside it was a whopping 3* F outside:

We got maybe 4 or so inches of snow.  So I had to dig a path to get the hay out.  Our hay is now in our garage so I started a path there:

The hay in the garage - I grabbed a bale and put it in the wagon to haul out to the sheep:

Fits well: 

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