Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alpacas are coming!!

The alpacas are scheduled to arrive the first full week in November! This is getting very real. Linda from South Haven alpacas will be bringing the alpacas here sometime during that week. We are very excited.

J has been busy down at the barn. He has been stocking it with hay, building a chute and making sure we have all the medical supplies on hand that we will need. I have been less busy there, I have done some knitting (finished a hat/scarf/mitten set for my daughters) and I have been trying to find time to read "The Camelid Companion". I have been looking for some barn cats. We were hoping to find 2, one for each of our kids (to keep them busy so that they follow the rule of no chasing the alpacas, they can chase the cats). Also Alpacas reportedly like cats. And we expect there will be mice around the barn given the food source there and the fact we live in the woods.

An alpaca chute is a restraining device to put the alpaca in when trimming nails and doing veterinary care. Here is a link to the plans J used: . I do not have a picture of ours because our camera decided now was a time to stop working.

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