Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finishing up the barn

It will never completely be done as I'm sure we will continue to need more things and will want to change around things. But we are trying to get things prepared as much as possible before the alpacas get here.

The fence is all up, and J has designed a catch pen along with a holding pen with the fence. From what I understand (at this point) the catch pen is a small 10x10 area where the alpaca is confined for training purposes. The holding pen is a bigger area between the barn and the pasture. From reading "The Camelid Companion", it is recomended to use a catch pen rather than corner the alpacas in a larger area (which is often the recommended way to do it). The reason being that cornering the alpacas seem to make them more scared of humans and interact less. I need a read up a lot more on all of this a lot more. At any rate, the fence and gates are all up.

J has spent a lot of time organizing the barn, getting feed, hay and medical supplies. I have been doing more knitting, working on a mitten/hat/scarf set for my daughter.

J updated our logo. He used the outline of an actual oak leaf, then traced the outline of a picture of Victoria and Kateri for this:

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