Sunday, August 3, 2008

summer days

The cria are growing and thriving. We did have to put "hernia belts" on Tehya and Shelby, but it hasn't slowed them down at all.

Their personalities are starting to show. Tehya is very fiesty (when we put the hernia belt on her she kicked my calf so badly I have a bruise over a week later). And she's more shy. Shelby is more curious and will walk over to people but if she gets scared she runs fast back to mom.

When the kids sit in the pasture Shelby will come over and look at them:

Tehya is more standoffish. She started to come but by the time I snapped the picture she was headed back to the barn and taking Shelby with her:

Lightning is slowly weaning because he's so big and Sancha has gotten very thin. She is pregnant too. We've been putting him in with his mom at night but during the day keeping him in the other pen. Lightning is very curious. He will follow Nala all over the pasture:

He also likes Quinn, and will sniff him whenever Quinn is at the barn:

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