Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not everything works out

I haven't posted about this because, well, I still feel sort of bad about the whole thing. Back in February we got some angora bunnies (see blog entry on February 15th for pictures and details). I had never seen an angora bunny until I started attending spinning guild. Once I saw those babies, I was hooked. They were so cute! Emma had been asking for a rabbit for such a long time, I decided we might as well. I was excited to mix angora and alpaca for some very soft yarn.

Well, it did not work out for us. Within a few weeks after getting them home, Snickers bit Emma. I decided it was an oversight on our part, possibly they were not getting enough attention. I started to work with the bunnies. Some progress was made, but Emma no longer wanted to be involved. Soon the chores of feeding and caring for the rabbits fell on J and I. With 3 dogs, 11 alpacas and 2 human children, we did not need another thing to care for.

Thankfully the farm they came from was willing and able to take them back. I am so thankful for that.

As the spring has hit and now we are into summer, I see that giving the rabbits back was for the best. I don't know how we would have fit them in with the crazy softball and baseball schedule we've had the last couple of months.

While pondering this, I decided that it's o.k. to say something doesn't work for you. I've always been one to stick with something no matter what. You take something on, and you do it. But, I know in my heart that we could not give these animals the care they deserve. So on that note I will say that I know they are doing well, and I'm relived that they are no longer our responsibility.

Those of you who can care for alpacas and dogs and bunnies, you rock! I know my limits and I've decided to stick with dogs and alpacas (and our 1 barn cat that seems to have 100 lives). No more new varieties of animals for me. But we are waiting on 2 baby alpacas :)

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