Monday, June 29, 2009

We have a baby!

I just got a call from J, who is at home this morning. He said Kateri had a baby girl! He said that she had a bit of a hard presentation, like when Lightning was born, in that one of the front legs was bent back. J had to assist a bit to help deliver the baby. But mom and baby are doing well.

He said the baby is a girl, he's not sure if she is very dark brown (he said she's definitely darker than Kateri) or if she might be bay black (a mix of dark brown and black). It can be hard to tell their color right away because of them being wet from birth and because the amniotic fluid often lightens the color.

That makes baby #5 for our farm and our 4th girl!

Kateri delivered her cria on day 339.

Editted to Add:

Now I'm home and I've had a chance to see the cria. She's a beauty! She weighed in at 15.6 pounds, the exact same as her older sister, Tehya (must be mom runs out of room at that weight). She's getting up and down from a sternal position very well. She hums to her mom. Mom is, of course, very protective. Kateri is a very hands on mom. The baby seems to have good energy and is moving great. She may be a bit premature in that her ears, while erect, are a bit floppy, and her teeth are not erupted as much as our others one have been. But she is doing great so not concerns.

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Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see her! You guys have a great female to male ratio going on so far!

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