Thursday, August 13, 2009

Auntie Maddie

Maddie has always been one of my favorite alpacas. She has such a nice disposition. She's never spit at me, or even seemed angry with me (unlike some others that give me nasty looks all the time). We've always known the young alpacas look up to Maddie and she acts like a aunt to them, taking them under her wing. This past week we've seen why they love her so much. Our dog, Quinn, an American Eskimo, got loose in the pasture. He's not supposed to be there, but he was. It's impossible to catch him. I tried to talk Spot (our great Pyrenees) into chasing Quinn and catching him for us, but Spot wasn't interested. So Quinn runs around like a crazy dog all over the pasture. The moms, who you would think would naturally protect their young ones, barely even look up while munching in the hay bin. Instead, Maddie, who has not yet had a baby, sees Quinn running all crazy and barking and she herds the babies into the paddock. Maddie stands between barking Quinn and all the cria! I told her I knew she was my favorite for a reason :)

We think Maddie is now pregnant, so she will have a chance to be a mom come next summer. She is going to be a great mom too.

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