Friday, August 21, 2009

Grant Frontier Festival

We have a booth, along with Ashton Stone Alpacas, at the Grant Frontier Festival. This is our first booth, so it will be a learning experience, I'm sure.

Our plan is to have some alpacas there for people to see. I know many people have never seen an alpaca, so that alone should draw some attention. Jillian and I will have our spinning wheels there. I have some of Lightning's fiber ready to spin up tonight while I'm there. Jillian will do some felting demonstrations.

I have raw fiber, yarn and finished product to show the process of raw fiber from an animal all the way up to a finished product.

Here are some of the things I've put together to show off.

I will be wearing my Tucker Sweater (thankfully the weather is cool enough):

And I will have Lightning's fiber to spin up:

I have sets of fiber from individual animals to show the process, from raw fiber to yarn to a finished product. Here is an example from Maddie and from Tucker:

For yarn, I have 2 balls of Victoria's fiber and a ball of Tehya's fiber as example and for sale. The yarn from Tehya is especially nice.
This is one of the balls of Victori's yarn and a scarf made out of her yarn:

Tehya's wonderful yarn:

I have examples of a mixed ply yarn that people can order (sorry, I don't have more than a sample ready). The one that is knit up is a mix of Victoria and Maddie, brown and black ply. The other yarn is a mix of Victoria and Tehya, brown and fawn ply. The Victoria/Maddie mix doesn't show up well in the picture since the brown and black are dark, but trust me, in person it is a wonderful color combination.

For finished product we have the scarves as shown above (out of Victoria's fiber and out of Tucker's fiber). Here is a close up of Tucker's scarf:


Eliz said...

are you going to sell the yarn on your etsy site?

I'm still trying to figure out the first thing I want to felt. That process starts next week. Until then I have been carrying around bits of fiber with me and then trying to keep Binky out of the box. She loves alpaca fleece apparently.

cara said...

LOL, yes, other animals love to play with alpaca fiber.

I will have yarn on my etsy site. I have a ball of Victoria's up there already. I have this festival then another one Labor Day weekend, after that I will get all the yarn up that I have available. And of course, I will keep spinning more, and will post them on etsy as I have them done.

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