Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cold and Wet Fall

Fall on our farm has been fairly uneventful, which is why I haven't updated much on my blog lately.

The weather has been cold and wet. After a cool and dry summer, the rain was at first a welcome sight. But we got so much rain, that even our sandy soil started to have standing water. I think we've made up for the rain we didn't get all summer. This past weekend the wind blew so much that almost all the leaves are off the trees. I expect it won't be long until we see some of that white stuff. I decided that rain isn't so bad, provider the farmer has proper rain gear. After years of camping, I've found what clothes repels water. I bundle up in my water proof gear, and head out to the barn with food. The alpacas even let me stand in the barn out of the blowing rain while they eat.

Looking ahead to the winter weather that is sure to come, I've decided that spring is my favorite time on the farm. I love the new cria arriving, and the plants coming to life. I enjoy the sunny warmer days. And I like seeing the very wooly alpacas. Winter would be my least favorite. I don't like to be cold, for one thing. I do bundle up, and have found the secret to layers to provide ample warmth. The issue for me is pushing the wheel barrow through the snow. A couple inches isn't a big deal, but when we get a big snow fall, I often have to shovel a path, and then struggle to push the wheel barrow through the path I carved out of the snow. I'm dreading that already. And I've heard it is supposed to be a rough winter.

One plus to the cool summer and cold fall and likely rough winter is that the alpaca should have very long staple length on this springs shearing. I am looking forward to a great new crop of fiber to spin up :)

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