Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fiber craft update

I haven't posted much about my spinning or knitting adventures because I have been spinning a bunch of fiber I promised for Christmas presents. I injured my hand just before Christmas and couldn't do anything, so I had to spin up a bunch of yarn after Christmas. I spun up a neat twist of Tehya and Shelby yarn. Then I spun up a bunch of Sommerfields's fiber. These skeins have now been sent to the individuals I promised them too.

I had some remnant yarn left, some Sommerfield and a twist I did with Shelby and Sommerfield. On the ride down to Ohio for the show this past weekend, I knit this:

This is actually 2 baby booties on the needle. I have learned to knit them at the same time so that they turn out the same size. I thought I would finish this on our trip, but I had no time at the show, and on the ride home it was too dark for me to knit. I'll finish them this Saturday when I watch the kids at swimming lessons.

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