Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spit Happens

It's not too often that our alpacas spit. Occassionally during herd health they will get mad at us for grabbing them. On herd health days I dress for the chance of spit. Yesterday I was dressed for work. I was putting down bowls of grain down for our girls, when Maddie spit at another girl. I think she was defending her right for food (you know, pregnant woman stuff). I caught the bad end of it and spit landed on my forhead. Ugh! All ready for work, smelling of spit. And the spit smells bad. To add to it, I was getting my hair cut later on in the day. How nice to show up for hair cut smelling of alpaca spit. I'm sure the hair dresser would have no idea that's what the smell was.

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