Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I posted recently about how we aren't sure if Kateri held her pregnancy or not. Well, we are starting to think that she might be pregnant after all. If so, she is hitting day 350 today.

Her belly is starting to round out (though still not as big as it has been in years past, it is growing):

If she doesn't deliver a cria by the end of this month, we will take her to the vet to confirm if she is pregnant or not. If she isn't pregnant, she believes she is, because she is spit testing as pregnant. (Spit testing is where you put a female alpaca in with a male, if the female runs and spits, usually that means she's pregnant). In the past she has delivered on day 360, 342, 338 and 351. It is possible for an alpaca to suspend their pregnancy. This is when an alpaca is under some stress, the cria stops growing in utero for a short period of time (I've read they can do this for up to a month). If for some reason Kateri did supsend her pregnancy, she could just not be as far along as we thought. Only time will tell.

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