Sunday, July 3, 2011

Probably Not

One of the big debates on our farm this past spring has been if Kateri and Snickers held their pregnancies.

Our concern with Kateri is that in past years she has looked very pregnant. This year she does not. And as the weeks go by and we get closer and closer to her due date, and her belly still isn't growing, I'm more convinced she isn't pregnant. Though I will say we've had girls on our farm that we couldn't tell by looking if they were pregnant, and they were full term (they can hide these cria inside their bodies quite well). She is spit testing as pregnant. I know spit testing isn't a completely reliable method to pregnancy test. This gives us the ambiguity that we just don't know for sure either way.

We are both quite convinced Snickers is not pregnant. We did take her to the vet last fall for an ultra sound and she was pregnant at that point. While absorbing pregnancies are fairly common in alpacas, she was further along when the risk was minimal. However, she would have hit day 350 in her pregnancy on June 30th. She does not look pregnant, she does not act pregnant, and she is spit testing as open. I think for her it's pretty clear she's not pregnant.

This means we may only have 3 cria born this year. We know for sure that Victoria is pregnant so we at least have that cria to look forward to.

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