Sunday, October 23, 2011

Herd Health

Today we set aside some time to go over the herd, to assess their health.

+ weighed all the cria, juvis and yearlings
+ body scored every alpaca (by feeling their level of body fat over their spine)
+ gave AD&E injections to all cria, juvis and yearlings
+ trimmed the nails on all alpacas (we have 22 on our farm right now)
+ assessed teeth, top knots, and tails on all our alpacas going to the show

It amazes me how fast we can accomplish herd health. I remember when it used to take us all day, and sometimes we wouldn't finish in a day. Today we tackled the entire herd in less than 3 hours. No one got hurt (usually J or I sustain some injury). It was was a good day!

We were quite pleased that our skinny boys, Gabe and Sig, are putting on weight. We did have to adjust grain for our older boys, they all seem on the thin side. Everyone else appeared to be right where they should be (well, we still have our full figured gals but we are doing what we can to trim them down, there is only so much you can do).

Everyone looks good and healthy. I am so glad to see a healthy herd!!

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