Saturday, October 8, 2011

three babies

Just as J envisioned, now we have three 2011 cria: Thunder, Dutch and Maggie. This means there are three cria to run around and pronk together. And, three is the perfect number to fill a pen at the alpaca shows next spring.




I'm excited to see cria in a variety of colors. Dutch is fawn, Maggie is brown, and Thunder is rose grey. I hope this makes shows a little bit less hectic. Our biggest issue will be that Challenger will show as a yearling rose grey male and Thunder will show as a juvenile rose grey male, which means at each show Thunder will show in the class just before Challenger. But they will be our only two greys and they are both boys (unlike last year when we had three greys, one boy and two girls - it was crazy to get them all in the ring at the right time).

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