Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blessed Holidays

Happy holidays to you!  At our house we celebrate Christmas but after awhile it seems Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and the whole season sort of blends together.  I like to call it all "the holidays" or Festivus :)  Whatever you celebrate I hope it is happy and well blessed.

This year three of our girls were lucky enough to go to a new farm for Christmas.

One of our original girls, Sancha:

Along with Butterscotch Bay:

And Bay's 2012 cria, Cornelia Marie (also pictured at the top):

These three girls were purchased by a new alpaca farm, just getting started.  They are excited to have cria for their grand kids to halter train and enter into 4H :)

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Kathryn Ray said...

Congratulations to the new alpaca farmers and congratulations to you for the sale. :-)

Merry Christmas

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