Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy! Busy!!

I have been busy on our farm, but not busy on our blog. I apologize for not posting in over a week.

My time has been taken up between regular farm stuff, more fiber arts working (I have been spinning and knitting - but can't post pictures since some of it is Christmas presents), add in my regular day job, my own need to exercise, the kids and the fact we are helping out on another farm, it seems the thing that got pushed aside is the blog.  I will get out and get some pictures and post some this week.  I know a post without pictures isn't the same, so here are some pictures of my life outside of the farm:

Emma learning to use a sewing machine for the first time (this is my grandmother's sewing machine a true family heirloom)

Last weekend we picked out our Christmas tree:

Zack would have you believe he cut it down :)

This weekend our holiday festivities included making gingerbread cookie cut outs (I decided to cheat on the frosting and go with plain white with sprinkles, in years past I have used different colors but I couldn't find out food dye so this is what it is):

Emma announced she does not like gingerbread cookies and didn't want to help (they grow up so fast!!) so Zack and I had all the fun:

Let me say, they taste great!! :)


George o said...

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oak haven alpacas said...

George O,

I am not sure if your post is spam or not, but if you are truly looking to contact us, we have many links to our farm contact information on the right side column of this blog.

George o said...

i am not spam
i have also blog about pregnancy :
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oak haven alpacas said...

George O

Thanks for clarifying :)

Exchanging links with a fellow blogger is welcome.


George o said...

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