Friday, February 8, 2013

12 inches

Looks like the snow has finally tapered off.

I cleaned off our patio table before this storm hit.   This morning I went out to measure how much we got:

That's a 12 inch ruler and the snow goes to the top.  I'm going to guess out there by the alpacas there are deeper spots and less deep spots (under the trees).  But overall 12 inches is a huge snowfall!

I took these pictures in the dark with my iphone, so not the best but I think you can get the idea.

Once the sun comes up we will head out there to dig out the paths for us and the alpacas to do chores.  I'll get more pictures then :) 

According to the news our official total was 14 inches of snow. I totally believe that!  While I did my own measuring of 12 inches on our patio table, it is a table where snow can fall off and blow away.  Either way it's a lot of snow!  

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