Monday, February 11, 2013


Smokey's Twilight was born on June 21, 2010. Her birth post is here.

It was clear at birth how much she looked like her mother :)

While we thought Twilight was cute and could see her fiber was better than her dams, we didn't really know what we had until we got her to a few shows.   Twilight rocked the show circut!!

Smokey's Twilight ~ Best of the US, 3/2011, Colubus OH (Level IV)

  Awards Received
1st - Best of the US, 3/2011, Columbus OH (Babs Manion) Level IV, Indefinite Dark class
3rd - Indiana Invitational, 4/2011, Ft. Wayne IN (David Barboza) Level IV, Silver Grey class (Darkest Grey in group)
1st - GMAF, 5/2011, Madison WI (Dawn Brooker) Level IV, Mixed Combined class (beat a white with a brown spot)
1st - MBS, 5/2011, Davisburg MI (Helen Humphreys) Level II, Silver Grey class
2nd - Best of US, 3/2012, Columbus OH (Wade Gease) Level IV
2nd - GMAF, 4/2012, Madison WI (Peter Kennedy) Level IV
2nd - Buckeye, 5/2012, Columbus OH (Peter Kennedy) Level IV

Her fiber is a treat to work with! It is soft, bright, shiny and a beautiful very dark silver grey color (the color really doesn't come through in this picture):

Now Twilight is ready to become a mom herself.  We can't wait to see what incredible offspring she will create.

Here she is today (she doesn't mind the snow at all ~ she has all that warm fiber :) ):

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A Country Chicken said...

She is gorgeous, what a beautiful color! I love the look of your yarns, you inspire me - so I am having a go at plying today (now that my spinning is less 'bumpy') :) Lisa

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