Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas grab bag

For our Christmas party at work, we do a grab bag gift exchange.  You bring in a gift, it goes into a pile.  Everyone gets a number.  The first person picks a gift, opens it, the next person can steal the first person's gift or take a new one from the un-open pile.  And it goes on.

Every couple of years I bring in an Alpaca product for my grab bag gift.  This year I brought in this:

The yarn came from fiber off of Rose, Tehya, Gabriel and Greyt Exxpectations.  All great alpacas who roamed our farm once upon a time :)

I haven't mentioned here yet the fact I had to re-knit all the stripped headbands all over again.  Thankfully I realized this need before the Christmas party.  I was up late last night finishing up the re-knit.  And I am so  happy I did.  I'll explain why in a future post.

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