Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are some of the products we have been working on.

First I have an oversized hat. In our family there are 2 hat sizes, one for a "regular" person (me and Emma), and one for a person with a very large head (J and Zack - believe it or not, my 7 year old son has a bigger head than I do. In fact, his head was so big he had to have a head scan when he was 18 months old to make sure nothing was wrong. Nothing is wrong, he just has a big head. That's the official medical report on it). So, if you are one of those people who have a bigger than average head, you will LOVE our oversized hat. For once, a hat will fit your head just right.

This particular hat was made out of yarn from Victoria's fiber. She's considered a maroon color, a redish brown. For the stripe, I did a mix of Victoria's yarn and Tehya's yarn. I love the twist combination it makes.

J knit up a regular size hat and it fits me just perfect! This is made out of Lightnings fiber, so it is baby soft:

Last I have a scarf that J knit (football games are great times to knit, in less than 2 games he'll have a scarf all done). It is impossible to get a picture to justify how great this scarf looks. He does a box pattern that is very dressy looking. These pictures are the best I can do, I'm not very good at photography.

Trying to get closer to the box pattern:

We have many other projects in the works. Once we get some supply going, I will post products for sale on our Etsy account (right now it is mostly just raw fiber there, and some yarn - I also plan to get more yarn up there for sale). You can email us any special requests. We do not charge more for requests. It's easy to do, and we prefer to make something knowing the person ordering it is getting exactly what they want.

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