Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Industrious Living Room

The fiber process has sort of taken over our house. We have a skirting table in our basement, and the extra bedroom down there is now called "the fiber room". There we store the fiber, I have a sewing machine and other craft supplies. These are all pretty much out of sight of our day to day. But, our living room has become the center of fiber manufacturing.

My spinning wheel, when not being used, is stored on top of our TV in our living room (to avoid anything destructive happening to it. With 2 house dogs and 2 active kids, you just never know). When I'm home all day and doing some spinning, the wheel is set up by my couch. Also nearby is my flicker, a scale, and baskets of fiber. I put fiber in baskets for each step of the process, from skirting to washing to flicking to ready to spin. These baskets can be found all over the living room also. In this picture alone there is flicked fiber in the grey/metal bin on the floor, and washed but not flicked fiber in the orange bin on the bench, and ready to spin fiber in the pink bin sitting onto of the orange bin.

I also have the swift and ball winder on the portable table near the couch. I put these away in a closet during a busy work week, but on days we are home and working on projects, it's out and ready to use. Note our dog Dottie napping on my blanket on the couch. Animals everywhere around here.

The stand next to my seat on the couch holds my knitting projects (though usually I also have one in a bag in my car for anytime I have a chance to knit a row or two):

And the stand next to J's chair holds his knitting projects, along with some alpaca medical records and a cd for a computer program of alpaca medical records (oh, and one of those coffee cups is mine):

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