Sunday, December 6, 2009

Growing Babies

Here are some recent pictures of our young ones.

Our youngest baby is Cavalier, he was the last one born on our farm this past summer. He has such a very cute face! His fleece is a soft creamy fawn color, with crimp that appears to be consistent. Crimp is what they call the waves in the fiber. Consistent crimp is what is needed to do well in the show ring. It is also important for spinning the fiber into yarn. Inconsistent crimp has a different feel each time the crimp changes, which makes it hard to spin into soft yarn. When the crimp is consistent, the fiber spin smoothly into yarn.

I do need to work on halter training him. As you can see, these pictures were taken through the fence. He's fine looking at me through the fence. He is a kicker and will shoot his back leg out as anyone who gets near him.

The next youngest is Pocahontas. We call her Poe-Poe. She is an incredible dark rose gray. Not only is her color incredible, but her crimp is consistent and full of bundles. This is the fiber we bred for! Standing behind her is her mother, Kateri. Poe-Poe got her father's face and attitude:

Our other 2009 baby, born this past spring, is Lily. Lily is so friendly that I could not get a good picture of her. She kept walking into the camera.

The next youngest is Brooklyn, who is joining the yearling group of alpacas:

And last, I have our yearlings, Tehya and Shelby. These are our two Goldsmith daughters. Tehya is up close, the fawn color. You can see Shelby's head poking out behind Tehya.

Our other yearling is Lightning, who I didn't get a chance to get his picture. All the other ones are our farm are 2+ years old, so no longer growing babies.

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