Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farm Guard

We now have a guard for our farm. This past weekend J went to pick up Spot, our new Great Pyrenees. Spot was working at South Haven Alpacas, until they had to sell off their herd. We were very fortunate to find an experienced guardian dog.

We are working on finishing the barn and pasture back by our house so that we can move some of the alpacas back there. Spot is already guarding the area. We hope in a couple weeks to be able to move some of the alpacas. Last year they ate up the pasture up front so quickly that we know we need more land for them to graze on.

Spot arrived on Sunday and the kids could not be more excited. Both of my kids and my two nieces spent the afternoon playing with Spot. They tell me he likes to play "follow". This is where they walk or run around and he follows them. Spot has been great with the kids. While they say he's big and reminds them of a bear, he's as gentle as can be with them.

The first night he did bark on and off all night. We knew this would happen with a guard dog. It is after all his job to watch and guard the land. I'm sure it was even worse because he's in a strange place and with the woods so close by there were bound to be some animals lurking out there. His second night he did not bark nearly as much (or I managed to sleep through it).

Spot is a great addition to our farm. I'll get picture of our gentle giant up soon.

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