Monday, March 30, 2009


We had a hint of spring arrive here in Michigan. We even got to the point the snow was melted and my crocuses were starting to bloom. I LOVE spring! I love the flowers starting to bloom and the animals coming to life again. Even the alpacas relish a nice pronk in the pasture after a long cold winter (where they seem to stay within only a couple feet of the barn).

We were able to get some work done raking leaves off the pasture before the bad weather hit on Sunday. This included some snow, rain, bitter cold wind and cloudy overcast skies.

On the plus side, a snowy blistery day forced me to stay inside and get some much needed housework done. It seems this former neat nick has let farming become a priority over a clean house. I didn't get as much done inside as I should have, but I got side tracked with spinning some yarn ;) I am working on knitting a sweater for myself out of Tucker's fiber and I wanted to make sure I have enough yarn to take with me on our travels this weekend.

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