Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue Ribbon Alpacas Since 2007

We attended J's work holiday party this past weekend. Many of his co-workers find his alpaca farming interesting, and funny. Several of them had on T-shirts they made with a picture of J and Tehya (her blue ribbon picture), and below the picture the caption said "Blue Ribbon Alpacas Since 2007". I love the tag line! It's true too, our farm started in 2007, and we have blue ribbon alpacas.

I quizzed the kids this morning to see if they knew who our blue ribbon winners are. I told them we have 3 blue ribbon winners. Half way through the discussion I realized we have four blue ribbon winners. The kids instantly knew of Tehya and Shelby's blue ribbons. It took some guesses to come up with our other two - Kateri and Sancha.

I did not have my camera on me to get pictures of the t-shirts. Hopefully someone can email us a copy. We do have a t-shirt, which I will get a picture of.

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