Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowy Days

The alpacas do not appear to mind the snow at all. Their native habitat in Peru does include the mountains, so cold is not new to them. Their fiber keeps them warm. We have found that windy days are tough on them. I also worry when we go from rain to snow, as the damp cold is hard. Snow seems to stay on the very outside of their fiber.

On Christmas Day we had a rain/ice storm after a snow storm that left snow on the alpaca's backs, and ice cycles on the alpaca's sides:

Generally, they are ok with the weather. Even though they could hide in the barn, most of them choose to be outside. On any day, no matter the weather, at their typical feeding time, they start gathering by the gate. It's as if they have watches and know the time:

On the cold snowy days, I don't mind being out with them doing the chores. I have found the art of warm layers to keep myself warm. Sometimes getting out the door is hard, but once I'm out there, I enjoy my time with them. My favorite thing to do on a cold snowy day is to sit by the fire and spin yarn:

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