Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 350 Gestation

An alpaca's gestation (pregnancy) typically last from 335 days to over 400 plus ~ yes it can last over a year!  Based on typical birthing on our farm, we set their due date at day 350, but realize that cria could come before or after.

Today our own Tehya is on day 350 gestation:

To me, her face is saying "not today".

Ok, actually it's that her tail is down and she has been acting completely normal all day. (The signs we look for:  milk bagging up, loosening on their back end, and as labor starts multiple trips to the poop pile.  Then there are the clear signs like bag of waters erupting and cria coming out.  Tehya has been pretty loose and bagged for for a couple weeks now, which can happen that early, she's close but not actually in labor yet.)

 While her belly looks big:

I admit, I've seen bigger more uncomfortable pregnant bellies. This is only her second cria; in 2011 she gave birth to OHVNA Cheyenne (links to that birth story and pictures of Cheyenne). It seems it's often the older dams who look the most worst for wear by day 350. Tehya's last cria was born on day 356, so it I'm guessing this week is a likely birth day for this one.


Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Waiting for cria is wearing. I had one go 370 that looked like she was ready to least I was pretty sure she was pregnant. Some go so long and I start to question my spit-checking records...

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Our longest was 14 months!! She clearly paused the pregnancy early on though (probably due to quarantine) as the cria was normal sized.

oak haven alpacas said...

That's long Debbie!

Our longest was 374 days, and we also are quite sure she suspended early on. The cria was 17 pounds, good size, but all our other ones that year were bigger, but born earlier. Will be interesting if that same dam goes that long this year - I hope not!!


oak haven alpacas said...


That's funny you mention yours that went long was so huge. We had one go to day 374 (in 2010). Even up to the week of delivery we were not 100% sure she held the pregnancy! She hardly showed. The cria was 17 pounds (pretty average). The mom is good at hiding. Last year she absorbed but we weren't sure because she hid the long one so long.


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