Thursday, June 28, 2012

getting along

Our kittens are growing up and learning their way around the farm.  The alpacas and our guardian dog, Spot, a Great Pyrenees, don't mind the cats one bit.  Our house dogs have been another story, but they are contained in a small section of our backyard.  The cats have free reign of the farm.

They walk around, and while the alpacas look, they don't care that the cats are there:

I've even found Buddy in the alpaca's hay bin, and none of them seem to care:

Buddy had a lot of fun playing around in there.  And surprisingly even the mom alpacas were fine with him playing about:

The kittens have taken over the kids' swing set as their playground.   I love watching the kitten brothers run and play and chase each other all over the farm.

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