Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We decided to name Latte's cria: OHVNA Raspberry Coolatta.
Farm nickname: Raspberry (or Berry)

Latte's name is Straightfork Vanilla Latte, so we decided to name all her offspring after drinks.  I liked that idea of raspberry given the reddish mahogany hue to her fleece.  I was partial to Raspberry Mocha but Emma insisted on Coolatta, so that we made the compromise.

Latte has proven to be a very protective mom.  She does not let Raspberry out of her sight.  And whenever we are out there, she gives us the stink eye to make sure we know that is HER baby.  We know, we know!

We've seen over protective moms before and the truth is as that baby grows, soon they are running and playing and mom just doesn't have the energy to keep up. In no time that baby will be running laps with Stormy (who's older mom is much more laid back).

Here is a picture Latte would let me take, of them in the distance nursing:

I can't believe I managed to get this one too!

Protective moms are good moms.  I will take this over having nursing or bonding issues any day. Latte is a very good and attentive mom.  


Linda said...

Is this her first? They are cities.

oak haven alpacas said...

It's not her first cria, this would be her second cria. But, her first cria went to another farm when she was only 6 months old. I don't think Latte has forgiven us for that.

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