Sunday, June 10, 2012

boys and water fun

Today is topping out in the 90's which is quite hot for our neck of the woods. You can often count on one hand how many times we hit 90*F throughout the summer.  The air conditioning is on full blast in the house.  The fans are on in the barn.  But those silly alpacas prefer to sun themselves out in the pasture area.  We do go out and hose them down several times on a hot day like this.  To hose them down we use the hose to aim the spray right under their chest.  That is where they regulate their body temperature.  If we can keep that area cooled down, they feel cool (just like in the winter if they cush down and keep that area snug and warm they are toasty warm, even in a snowstorm).

Today Zack not only was outside to hose the girls down, he decided to play in the sprinkler.  New baby Stormy wanted to play too:

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