Thursday, October 11, 2012


Rain and temps in the 50's isn't my ideal:

And I have to add that those temps are a bit higher than we actually see, being we are more north and more rural than this forecast.  For example right now it's about 7 p.m. and that says 57* when it's actually 47* at outside our house.

Today it was especially cold to me, the damp wet cloudy cold.  It didn't help that I put off some of the farm chores earlier this week and now need to catch up. I paid the price and had to catch up in the cold rain this afternoon. Thankfully I was home early enough I could get it all done well before dinner time.

But actually it's the night time temps that are so cold. We haven't had a real freeze yet, certainly not a hard freeze, but it's still cold and dark out there each morning. I've been unhooking the water hose every night, thinking about adding heated water bucket into the barns pretty soon.

Frost warning for us for tonight:

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