Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Here is a bit of an update on some of our cria.

Cornelia Marie:

Cornelia with Night (they are best buds):


Ruby has become a family favorite.  Not only is she cute, but she became my baby too.  While her mom did nurse her, she wasn't getting enough milk.  So we were supplementing her with alpaca baby food (edited to add the link to the post explaining how and why to make alpaca baby food).  This meant three times a day I would syringe an alpaca baby food mash into her mouth.   We know it saved her, but she doesn't seem to think so.  She loves her mom and didn't appreciate our interfering.  Now she is eating alpaca grain on her own so we no longer need to do it.  But she still didn't want to look at me for this picture :)  She's a feisty one.  And cute too!


A Country Chicken said...

They are so very cute - but I can see why Ruby is a favourite! What alpaca baby food did you give her? I am thinking to have some things in 'reserve' for when ours give birth :) Lisa

oak haven alpacas said...

Here's that link to my post about the alpaca baby food:

I mixed up this mash and put it a syringe to feed to her. It worked!!


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