Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Business Plan

When we started our alpaca farm in 2007, we had a business plan. It's one of the main things you need when beginning a business adventure.

It's a plan we have put into practice, over the years tweaking our plans to change with the alpaca industry yet stay true to our business goals.

My husband has spent the last couple of years doing a lot of research on farming. I know that's a broad term, but it started out that big and over the course of time he narrowed his focus. In the end, he wrote a business plan for a sustainable farm that is receiving a lot of attention from everyone who is taking a look at it. Several universities are raving reviews of it, along with some farmers deep in the farm communities.

His focus has been on grass fed animals.  Since most of a farm's resources are used to feed animals, cutting costs there is the most effective.  He was really taken in by the idea of Mob Grazing, a type of grass fed management.

This plan of his, focuses on different animals, such as sheep, chickens and cattle (his top choice would be angus beef).  That's a lot of changes for this *alpaca* farm.

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