Sunday, July 21, 2013


I am usually not one for big changes. I like a slow and steady and predictable life.  But, life is a journey and it unfolds sometimes in ways we would not predict.

I started this blog in 2007 when we began our adventure as alpaca farmers.  I named the blog "alpaca life" because, well, it's the story of our journey living with alpacas (hence the web address of: lifewithalpacas).  It's about the life of alpacas.  This past year we started to diversify our farm and added sheep.  We are now Oak Haven Alpacas, LLC and Oak Haven Sheep, LLC.

The changes aren't done.  In fact, I see more changes in our future.  So to keep this blog up with all those changes I changed the heading title from: 

alpaca life


alpaca life... on the farm

While we started as an alpaca farm, this has become more and more a farm.  It's about life on the farm, not just the life of the alpacas.  I may phase this into another name down the road, like "life... on the farm". 

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