Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are in the middle of a heat wave that is miserable for all.  I have been refilling water buckets with cold water multiple times a day and hosing alpacas down.  They are hot and I hate to complain but I feel like I am melting when I go out there.

We were able to shear our cria this past weekend (when we saw the forecast we knew we needed too). 

Irish cream seems to think now that she is shorn she can sun herself:

She was even doing the sun death lay -  which of course freaked me out!  She was perfectly fine, just resting. 

In this heat the cria and elderly are the most likely to have problems.  A concern is that if they start to dehydrate, it can lead to a bowel obstruction.  Having had a beautiful girl die from that a couple years ago (Cheyenne), we are more sensitive to even a remote possibility.  I make sure to hose the girls down to cool them off and put out fresh cold water for everyone.  Can't wait for this heat wave to pass! 

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