Friday, September 14, 2007

Meeting our first alpaca

Before we had decided to start our own alpaca ranch, we met our first alpaca in person. We attended the Newaygo County Fair on August 10, 2007, where among many different animals there were three alpacas. I only managed to get one picture of the kids with the alpacas, and unfortunately the picture isn't very good (the lighting is bad and the fence covers the alpaca's eyes). However, it is our first alpaca picture, and the alpaca is smiling for the picture:

The kids loved all the animals. Emma was especially taken in by a goat who's name is Emma too. I think Emma would make a great farmer.

On the ride home we talked about all the animals we saw. This started a more serious discussion about starting our own alpaca ranch. At one point in the discussion Zack says, "alpacas? you mean the long necks?" For awhile after that we started calling them "long necks."

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