Sunday, September 23, 2007

Michigan International Alpaca Fest

On Saturday we attending the alpaca fest. I was most surprised by how many alpacas were there. Someone told us there was just under 500 alpacas present. We looked at all of them. I most loved one named Bella. Generally while I do like animals, I like them from a distance. I'm not likely to touch and pet them. Animals will come near me but most not close enough to pet. Well Bella did, I could tell right away she really liked me (ok, maybe she's just friendly). I told J that alpaca was the best in the place since she came up to me and enticed me to pet her.

Not only did we look at all the alpacas but we also looked at the products made from alpaca fiber. It confirmed for me that I am able to make products that would be worthy of selling. I'm excited to get my hands on some fleece!! We also watched some of the judging, but found that difficult as we could not touch and look closely at the fiber like that judges could.

While there was put a deposit down on some alpacas from South Haven Alpacas. J was most impressed with the genetics they had, and the quality of the fiber. For now we are purchasing Kateri and Victoria, though we may also get a gelded male. It's all becoming more real!

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