Friday, September 14, 2007

Yellow Jackets

This picture shows the longer weeds and the brown of the ground. From a distance that all looks green, but up close it's just weeds and dirt. In the distance of this picture there is a hedge of ferns. There were places that were thick with ferns that we had to clear.
These longer weeds started our Yellow Jacket adventures. One evening I was out pulling weeds with the kids, when I discovered there was a yellow jacket nest in the ground of the pasture. I felt something on my leg that I thought was itchy only to realize I was being stung. At that moment I saw a yellow jacket fly up my shirt, and several swarm around me. I yelled to the kids "run!" I ended up being stung three times. Zack did run, but ran into a swarm of yellow jackets and got stung on his ear. Emma managed to escape without being stung. However, a couple days later when we were back doing some work, Emma got stung on her forhead. J got stung several times. He discovered several other nests, and was lucky he didn't get stung more. The one nest easily had fifty yellow jackets swarming around after he disturbed them when he was dragging the ground. We found three good size , that we had to take care of. Other than using spray, my father-in-law ended up pouring gasoline down one of the nests and setting it on fire.

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