Saturday, September 27, 2008


Sommerfield takes #2 in the spinnoff!

The spinner notes her fleece is: bright, attractive, lustrous, soft crimp, amazing fineness, lovely silky handle, smooth and silky, just glows! very nice :) On the negative we had too many second cuts in with it which caused the spinner to have to pull those out. She wrote, "because of the length variation, amount of second cuts and staple variations, this was difficult to prepare to spin - but worth the effort!" The issue of second cuts meant we did not do a good job post shearing of sorting the fiber. That was our mistake, and cost her first place :( Definately a learning experience!! At least we know her fleece is good and a "dream" for a spinner.

The entire white class:

The row of her award (her class of white alpacas):

Up closer:

Maddie (Midnight Masquerade) won 4th. Again here the issue was the second cuts - our big mistake. The spinner did note the fleece is appealing, soft, lofty, rich in brightness, and drafts easy (ease of spinning).

The black class:

The row Maddie was in:

The award:

What I love so much about these awards is that our focus is in producing great fleece in a variety of colors for crafters, to know it's good for spinners means we are getting where we want to be.

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