Friday, September 5, 2008

Zack's surprise

Last night when it was time to feed the alpacas we were getting some serious rain. I tried to wait for a break in the rain but never got one. So, I fed them in the barn. This means I have to stand between them to keep them from stealing each other's food (some are too heavy and don't need extra, others are thin and need all they can get). Zack agreed to help me with feeding.

Zack was put on Victoria duty, which means he was to chase her away from anyone else's food. Victoria is known as the pig on our farm, she is always looking for food (and she is overweight so does not need it). Zack was doing a fantastic job of keeping Victoria out of Sancha's food. I was busy keeping order with Sommer, Maddie and Kateri. One of the times I turned to check on Zack, he had lost the color in his face and looked in shock. It took a moment for me to process, as he started screaming. Victoria had kicked him! I'm still surprised she did that. She's kicked me once before but usually she is not at all agressive (no alpaca is agressive and Victoria is actually one of our friendliest ones). I guess she's friendly unless you are keeping her from food. Zack must have been more surprised than anything because the kick did not even leave a bruise (having been kicked myself, I've had some nasty lingering bruises).

We chalked it up to another adventure in alpaca farming. In the future I'll guard Victoria in that sort of situation, though I do not think it's something that would happen again. In the almost year we have had alpacas this is only the 2nd time she has kicked. The other kicks I've gotten occurred when haltering Sommerfield. Alpaca's are not agressive animals. Though last night Zack wasn't too happy with them.

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