Saturday, September 27, 2008

Show Set Up

At the show you purchase stalls to hold your animals. We had 2 stalls because we had a boy and girls. However, Max has not yet discovered girls, so he was fine to be in with the 2 girls. That left us a stall for our own stuff. Farms set up their stalls to show off their animals and advertise their farm. We had some banners made and J built wood (oak) structures to hold up the banners. Unfortunately the shelf did not work as planned, but we chalked that up to a learning experience. Much of the show was a learning experience. There is a huge learning curve in this business.

Our banner with the oak framing:

When we took the girls over to the ring, Max did not want to be left alone. They are herd animals so this reaction is common. We discovered that Maddie is very attached to Sommerfield. When waiting in line to show, Maddie kepted humming (a cry hum) so I stood there with Sommerfield to help Maddie calm down.

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